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 There has never been a Wake or Ski Boat Propeller like ACME Props!

Acme Props
Acme Props

Precision machined propellers by Acme Props have revolutionized the propeller manufacturing industry. All Acme Propellers are cast in our own North American foundry and 100% CNC machined in one of our two QS-9000 manufacturing facilities.

Computer Numerically Controlled milling machines provide an extremely accurate and consistent means for removing metal. This method of production, relative to hand-finished, translates into Acme Propeller perfection, and the elimination of one big variable in boat performance.

We have many sizes in stock. Contact us to see if we have the perfect propeller for your boat and application.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% CNC Accuracy & Consistency
  • Revolutionary Performance
  • Exceptionally Smooth Operation
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.

Acme works with all ski boat manufacturers, striving to provide perfect propulsion. is a Tournament Ski Boat Specialist, with over 25 years of Ski Boat Manufacturing and optimizing prop selection for Ski Boats. Our goal is to keep these classic Ski Boats running forever, we have found ACME Props superior to all other’s. When it comes to customer service, price, and prop selection guidance (no automated charts here) we will compete with any on-line vendor like, , , etc.

Here is what our customers are saying: We use our Supra Launch SSV mainly for wake-boarding with a lot of ballast and friends on board. The stock prop just wasn’t giving us the power we needed in the lower speed ranges. Ron at SkiBoatPartsOnline listened to our needs and application and recommended a different pitch and diameter ACME Prop. He also warned that this new prop would not be good at high speeds. Our first trip to the lake was unreal!! The bottom end power was epic with all the ballast tanks full!! The boat jumps out of the water like never before. We couldn’t be happier. ¬† Justin B.

We beat the competition on price and service!